Hi-tech Elements
Hi-Tech Elements
Turnkey Plants
Designers and manufacturers of electrical heating elements, systems, temperature sensors and control

Turnkey Plants

HI-TECH Elements have diverse experience in conjunction with the capability to provide industrial turnkey products in the form of concept, design, and manufacturing ready for installation and immediate operation. Contact our sales and engineering team for technical assistance in the selection and design of the required heating plant.

Paste Heaters

Paste Heater (90Kw 525Volt), designed and constructed complete with fan, ducting, elements, and control as a turnkey product to provide heated air for a specific process in the smelting industry.


Complete design and fabrication of a burn-out oven for the electrical motor industry to burn off resin in the armature refurbishment process. The oven (300Kw 400Volt) was supplied as a complete construction with heating and control for immediate use upon installation.

Ladle Heaters

Ladle Heater (150Kw 480Volt), designed and constructed as a complete turnkey product complete with insulated lid, heater elements, and temperature control specifically for the foundry industry to pre-heat ladles and for ladle refractory curing.

Duct Heaters

Duct Heaters (48Kw and 180Kw 400Volt) provided complete with ducted construction, heater elements, temperature measurement and electrical three-phase buzzed connections ready to provide hot air on demand for a process to preheat heavy fuel oil (HFO).