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Designers and manufacturers of electrical heating elements, systems, temperature sensors and control
Faster & Hotter - Heating Solutions

As an internationally recognized and trusted provider of heating solutions, HI-TECH Elements design, manufacture and supply a diverse range of electric heating elements and heating systems to suit virtually any industry. We partner with our customers to optimize the heating performance and improve the overall efficiency of the products and applications.

We bring more than three decades of design and manufacturing experience to numerous industries such as the plastic, plating, galvanizing, food, catering, medical, refrigeration and air conditioning industries amongst others. HI-TECH Elements operates primarily throughout South Africa and the Sub-Saharan African continent and exports abroad upon request.

Our Products

HI-TECH Elements supplies top-quality heating elements, offering an extensive range of innovative and reliable solutions for various industrial electric heating applications. Renowned for our superior service and craftsmanship, heating elements provided by HI-TECH Elements are designed to meet the diverse needs of clients across different market sectors. With this steadfast commitment to excellence and a reputation for delivering high-performance products, HI-TECH Elements stands as a trusted provider of heating solutions in the industry.

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  • Eastern Control
  • Flexiheat
  • Hot Rod
  • Hottube
  • Howford