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Hi-Tech Elements
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High Temperature Elements

High Temperature Heating Elements are typically for applications between 800° Celsius and 1600° Celsius. These elements are available in various materials of construction, shapes, sizes, and ratings each specific for application. It’s therefore advisable to contact our sales team for the correct technical assistance in the selection and design of the required heater element.


The element construction utilizes bare resistance wire or strip metallic material that is formed into various shapes as individual elements or heater assemblies. Depending on the grade, these elements can operate from 600° Celsius to 1400° Celsius. We utilize either Iron-Chromium-Aluminium (FeCrAl) or Nickel-Chromium (NiCr) alloys to construct these elements or heater assemblies.


Silicon Carbide (SiC) also known as carborundum is a sintered material containing silicon and carbon utilized for the construction of SiC elements for application temperatures up to 1600° Celsius. These elements are generally tubular or spiraled in form varying from 10mm to 55mm in diameter at various lengths for vertical or horizontal applications. The elements can be provided as single or multiple leg units with termination on either end or on the same end depending on element and application selection.